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Three New Ideas

One of the best strategies to gain increased engagement with a prospect or customer is to approach them with three thoughtful, relevant ideas about how you can help their business. In this way, you’ll drive an agenda favorable to your business, increase your credibility as a strategic partner, and differentiate yourself from the competition. I […]

The SALES Snow Job…

“Git yer shovel and hipboots, Mollie.  That slick sales guy’s back agin.” When did you last encounter a slick, fast-talking sales-person who answered your questions like he was snapping a towel? A car dealership? Discount furniture store? Are these stereotypes? Sure, but the examples serve a purpose because they bring the worst images of sales […]

Selling in a downturn : Playing to win over the competition

“Reduced spending by consumers and businesses expected through 2010”… “Household wealth falls by trillions”.. “Another increase in jobless claims”. These are the business headlines of today. They can strike fear in our hearts – we the executives and business owners, managers and entrepreneurs that are trying to succeed in this economy or they can be […]