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13 Elements of a Successful Sales Message

8-Figure Internet Marketer Chris Record shares his Free Online Sales Tips in this Speech Replay
filmed in Scottsdale Arizona on August 2016.

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What is iSalesman University?

During our many years of working our sales trade we have come to understand the necessity of keeping our selling skills sharp while learning new ones. All of us can become stale if we don’t continue to learn. For those college graduates who have found themselves in the sales profession how will you learn your new sales profession? You have chosen a great job. It can be very rewarding and give you the freedom to basically run your own business. You will out-earn all of your friends if you start your learning the right way. Most colleges, however, have not prepared you for sales. If you majored in business and maybe even got your MBA you learned about Finance, Marketing, Advertising, Accounting, Manufacturing, Human Resources and Statistics, but you did not learn Sales. Some of you will have the good fortune of joining a large company that can afford to train you in sales but many of you will not. iSalesman offers you the opportunity to learn the sales profession inexpensively and in your own time.

So for those who want to stay sharp and for those of you that are just learning to sell, iSalesman offers you a full curriculum of courses to choose from. We offer you the best, selected from our partners like Sales Performance International award winning Solution Selling series. Our Financial Selling Course which will teach you how to engage your client in the ROI Discussion and jointly develop the ROI using iSalesman’s exclusive ROI Calculator. From our other partners learn how to use social media and the internet to beat out your competition.

As iSalesman grows we will continue to add new and relative sales courses. Tell us about sales related courses we should offer as well. Write us at

To purchase the courses is simple. Choose the course(s) you want. They’re $50/each for Freemium Members and Perks Members pay $40/course. If you want to purchase the Sales Excellence Bundle (10 Courses) the cost is $300/all 10 Courses, and $250 for Perks Members.

You can wait for your company to train you or you can take the initiative now for your own career.