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A letter from our founder

Dear Friend,

I have been a sales professional all of my life. My first job was with IBM where I learned a lot about my new selling profession by attending their rigorous sales school. This training was augmented by great sales leaders who coached us on calls and back in the office. We learned that you would fail more than you succeed, but that getting to “Yes” was a beautiful thing.

Over 40 years later I still enjoy the art and science of selling. Over this span I have watched the sales world change tremendously. From color coded Prospect index cards, lunch and golf with clients, and encouragement from sales leaders to “make one more call at 5” to heavy sales automation focused on lead algorithms, CRMs, demand gen, online auctions and contracts, firmagraphics, social media and the internet we have seen our sales profession continue to evolve. What will Artificial Intelligence bring to the sales arena?

What does remain consistent throughout time is the need for the sales professional to be responsible for your own development and career advancement. In today’s world you are faced with many challenges to stay effective. Many companies don’t invest in their sales people as they should. Most Universities don’t prepare their students for the selling profession. You are responsible.

This is why iSalesman was created. There is no other place you can go to as a sales professional to get what iSalesman gives you. We will help you with your career, we will help you with your sales training, we will keep you abreast of new sales technologies and sales tools, we will give you access to these selling tools at a negotiated discount, we will give you a forum to exchange ideas, thoughts and recommendations with your groups (your sales team, your close circle of sales friends, your clients, etc.).

As iSalesman grows through our Crowd Sourcing methodology we will be able to provide you with more. We need your feedback, recommendations and critiques to make iSalesman “every sales person’s company”. We’re pretty good but we want to be great!

Please recommend us to your sales friends.


Carl Wideberg
CEO & Founder