When CEO’s are asked “What is the most important part of your business?” They reply “Sales”.  Not much to think about there as all business people understand that nothing happens in a company until somebody sells something.  As a sales professional then I want to ask you one simple question and that is “Does your company make you feel that you are the most important part of their business?”  Sadly, many Sales Professionals don’t think that they’re appreciated.  In fact many feel that their companies treat them like they are a necessary evil.  As a long time senior sales executive I was amazed the first time our CEO invited me to come to the Executive Leadership Meeting.  I walked into the conference room and there was the Head of HR, the Head of Finance, the Head of Product, the General Counsel and other senior executives.  The main subject was sales and this was the first time I was invited!  I didn’t make many friends when I welcomed “the Overhead” to participate in the sales discussion but I was making a provocative point and that was that SALES is the most important part of the company.

So why was iSalesman created then?  It’s main function is to EMPOWER the sales professional.  You understand responsibility and reward for performance.  Sales people are the only employees in your company whose performance can be truly measured.  Either you met sales objective, or you didn’t.  You understand that you are the owner of your success.  iSalesman is your source then for what you need to be a successful sales professional.  Become more successful!  Advance your career!

How does iSalesman help you then?

  • We created a social network built exclusively for sales people.  Here you can establish private chat groups with your sales colleagues, teams, clients, etc.  Discuss common issues and solutions.  Seek advice and best practices.  Read Sales Blogs by Sales Celebrities and everyday sales people.  Stay abreast of new technologies impacting your sales profession.
  • We created Talent Exchange.  The Talent Exchange ™ is exclusively for sales people.  Here you establish your own Profile merging your Linked In Profile, Your Resume, Your Sales Bio and a Video.  As you continue to grow your capabilities and career your Profile is updated.  Sales Leaders, looking for sales talent are in constant contact with you.
  • We created iSalesman University.  This is an amazing fact.  Did you know that over 50% of college students with business undergraduate degrees or MBA’s end up in sales?  Did you know that very few colleges offer sales degree programs or even offer one sales course?  Amazing!  Most companies today rely on hiring “experienced” sales people or hiring college graduates and giving them basic sales training and hope they develop on-the-job sales experience and proficiency.  Ongoing sales training is usually dependent upon budget availability.  iSalesman offers 24 On-Line Sales Training Courses that are relevant to today’s selling environment.  This includes an easy to understand ROI Selling Course and how to use Social Media to sell.
  • Since 2006 we have offered our “Lead to Sales” service.  Here we help start-ups, SMBs and some select Enterprise clients with  Lead Generation, experienced Sales Agents and the proper Sales Management to tie it all together.  Interested in becoming an iSalesman Sales Agent?
  • As a demographically desirable community companies want to give iSalesman Members access to their products and services at a discount.  This is why we created the “Perk Partners” section.  Here we offer you access to Selling Tools like Business Contacts, Email Marketing, Appointment Making at deeply discounted prices.  Similarly, relevant Retailers want your business and offer a generous iSalesman discount.

Become an iSaleman Member and have access to it all!

In summary, iSalesman was created for you and by you.  We will continue to grow and expand our ability to service you.  We invite your suggestions.

Good Selling!

Carl Wideberg
Founder & CEO