Because of Me

My wife and I are natives of Kansas. There is a debate across the nation on the merits of barbeque from Kansas City, through Memphis, to North Carolina and back to Texas. I personally like them all, but Kansas City style is my favorite. I grew up with it. When we moved to Texas almost […]

The Employee Exodus

In the January 22nd edition of the Kiplinger Letter there was a disturbing fact stated.  “As a business owner or manager, you should be worried about losing critical employees as the economy recovers.  Some companies are now working to pick off the cream of the crop.  Surveys show 20% of all employees wants to switch […]

How are you “different”?

I live in Austin Texas where the official mantra is “Keep Austin Weird”.  I have lived in 6 other cities around the US and of them all, I love Austin the most because it is “different”. When I was in middle school and high school, being “different” was considered a negative- but it isn’t in […]