The Person in the Mirror

Sellers are always being schooled on how to properly qualify by doing their homework up front, asking good questions, identifying and visiting the executive decision-maker, assuring there is budget, and a compelling event. Great. That makes you unique… just like everybody else. Do you stand WITH your logo or in FRONT of it? Let’s face […]


These famous words were spoken by the cartoon character Dilbert by Scott Adams. The phrase suggests doubt. Doubt in the idea of change is often times rooted in our own self-imposed confinement of past experiences. These experiences (former collections of ideas and experiences) affects our ability to truly embrace change. Hence the natural corollary to […]

The Selfish Bastard

Here is a reprint from a recent post in one of my LinkedIn Groups by Kavin Williams National Sales Director at MCF. “The reason why sales professionals, in your organization, continue to struggle with uncovering opportunities, and closing business, is because they are either unaware of The Selfish Bastard Rule or are unable to adhere […]