What would you do to insure certain success?

What would you do if you knew doing it would prevent failure?

No matter what your role in your company, persuasion is the only thing that you will get paid for. Some say that “everyone sells”. Selling = persuasion does it not? The new car you tell your friend about as fast, fast, fast. The golf club that goes far, far, far. The sales discipline that helps you get more appointments, get more appointments, get more appointments.

What often gets lost in these “success stories” is the time and preparation that was necessary in the first place. Think about a time when you had to make an important presentation, prepare for an interview, go before the Board. You were most likely laser focused. You did your homework. You rehearsed your approach/dialogue. And it worked! And you told everyone who cared to listen of your “outcomes”.

We often hear the cliche “… you don’t get anywhere until you take the first step”. While true you must take the first step, you must continue making strides.

How do you continue making strides? What have you done to earn the right to a dialogue with your senior colleague? With the C-level executive you have been trying to get in to see? With your boss or with your team? Continuing to make strides means doing things on your own to create your personal brand. You are who persuades others. You know it works for others right?

The CEO of a small company recently brought in a professional coach to help her with her presentation skills. The project manager of a major electronics manufacturer recently had his team attend a session around business acumen in order to advance his initiative.

What have you done recently to know that if you did it, you would not fail?

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