Avoid the temptation to try to do everything!

With the good fortune of my having talented, creative children —a major Washington DC award-winning theater director daughter, and a major Atlanta award-winning musician/composer son— comes the awareness that business trade shows are theatre! If you’re participating in one trade show, or hundreds, and don’t treat each as if you were hosting a world premier […]

Don’t give away the store!

As bureaucratic nooses tighten around business necks, it’s natural for feelings of desperation to begin setting in, and to respond by reducing prices in order to make sales. It doesn’t take long to be traveling on this road before you’re giving away the store! Resist the temptation to undercut your value by offering “more competitive pricing.” Easy to say, […]

Every Sales Pro, a Small Business Owner…

Big business muckity-mucks often underestimate the value of their salespeople. Small Business owners typically think they can handle sales themselves. Both are wrong. Neither understands that selling is its own business! If you sell for a living, and haven’t considered yourself a small business owner, you are just as mistaken. Regardless of what others may think, […]


by Hal Alpiar To figure out whether or not time is managing YOU, draw a bullseye with two rings around it and label the center space: FAMILY & PERSONAL, then label the innermost ring space: WORK & BUSINESS, and then label the outer ring space: FRIENDS & OTHER ACTIVITIES. Then copy each heading onto a […]

The SALES Snow Job…

“Git yer shovel and hipboots, Mollie.  That slick sales guy’s back agin.” When did you last encounter a slick, fast-talking sales-person who answered your questions like he was snapping a towel? A car dealership? Discount furniture store? Are these stereotypes? Sure, but the examples serve a purpose because they bring the worst images of sales […]