What’s Your T-Shirt Say?

Would you agree that when you’re at the top of your game and performing at your best, that the business or part of the business that you run or manage improves?

Would you agree that your business reaps the benefits of your attitude and performance with improved productivity, as well as with enhanced reputation and increased sales?

Of course it does, so how do you overcome the plateful of daily garbage in front of you, and get yourself to the point of making that happen?

One solution that has worked for thousands of participants in manage-ment training workshops I’ve run:

Try designing your own T-Shirt!

[No, you need not be artistic. You need only be honest with yourself!]

Take 3 minutes to follow these 6 steps:

1. DRAW (assuming you do still own a pen or pencil) 3 blank t-shirts, then label them: ”A” “B” and “C.” Nothing fancy; use that piece of scrap paper that’s sitting by your monitor; only you will see this!

2. IMAGINE that the 3 T-Shirts are real and that each has some word or words and/or some image or images on it that represent YOU . . .
A. The way you used to be
B. The way you are right now.
C. The way you want to be.

3. NOW FILL IN the blank space on the front of each shirt with each A, B, and C message (and don’t read ahead; just do this part!)

4. GOOD, NOW STEP BACK and ask yourself what each message means to you and what each communicates to you? To others?

5. OKAY, NOW ASK YOURSELF why you are at B instead of C? What’s holding you back? (FYI, Odds are it is something you are consciously or unconsciously choosing.)

6. WHAT CAN YOU DO now (tonight, this morning, this afternoon) to be able to wear the “C” message on your T-Shirt right now? What is it that you need to choose differently? (Are you choosing to delay yourself? It’s just as easy to choose action now!)

Hal Alpiar is a national award-winning author and marketer. One of America’s leading sales results writers, educators and consultants, he hosts a daily blog on entrepreneurial leadership and creative sales at http://halalpiar.com

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