Segmenting Accounts in a Territory


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Approximate time to complete: 35 minutes (not including short course assessment)

Intended audience: Territory Sales Rep, Sales Management

Sales Process Skill Set: Plan

Category: Foundation


Segmenting Accounts in a Territory is a course intended to engage a territory-focused sales reps in the actual activities of executing the territory planning process. In the course, the rep will be exposed to methods, tools and resources for researching ideal customer qualification criteria, segmenting accounts and identifying the most promising segments to pursue based on objective scoring.

Course objectives:

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Determine prospecting requirements to meet your goals using pipeline analysis
  • Identify the actions that can be taken to fill pipeline gaps
  • Identify the characteristics of an ideal prospect account
  • Select accounts that have a high level of current relationship and potential for future business
  • Leverage information sources to determine the accounts that meet the qualification criteria
  • Grade, rank, and sort accounts by their relative value
  • Segment accounts in the territory according to qualification criteria

Recommended prerequisite courses:

  • Principles of Territory Planning

Related courses:

  • Principles of Territory Planning
  • Segmenting Accounts in a Territory
  • Creating Territory Coverage Plans
  • Principles of Sales Execution


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