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Hello Members!

Hopefully, by now, you’ve had the opportunity to browse through the new iSalesman website. As you can see we’ve built a site dedicated solely to the sales professional. There is no other website like ours because it’s yours. It was built based on feedback from thousands of sales professionals like yourself. Only we know the challenges you face and the euphoria you experience when you make that sale.

For this Blog, my focus is on our iSalesman University section.

Did you know that over 50% of college graduates with Business Degrees or MBA’s end up in the selling profession? Do you also know that very few of these folks received any kind of sales training in school? What college do you know offers a degree in Sales?

So here we have a large portion of the world’s companies’ sales people actively trying to sell their company’s products with little to no sales training!

Under this condition you would expect companies to fully train their sales people in the art and science of selling. Some do, but most don’t. They really expect the sales person to develop their selling skills with on the job training combined with some occasional courses (when the budget allows).

So how does iSalesman help their Members with developing your selling skills?

Go to the “University” Tab and see for yourself. We have over 24 sales training courses for you. They include best-in-class various selling skills, sales management skills and courses that focus on developing your ROI Skills and how to use social media to sell your products and yourself.

These courses are priced very low. Perk Members get a further discount.

In my next blog I’ll be going into detail on these. In the meantime browse.


Carl Wideberg
Founder & CEO

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  1. Dave Ackerman

    Thanks Carl!iSalesman University offers a tremendous opptunity for the sales pro to learn up, sharpen up and pick where to start and continue across many disciplines. So many times in a typical Sales role/environment you are told or given what type of training to take with little variety or choice. This allows the sales professionals to have a menu of choices to choose from and can shape there own path to sales learnings. Love the opportunity, the independence and scale of learning.