The 40 Best Sales Techniques Ever w/ Jonathan Jewett

3D-renderIt’s a pleasure to connect with all of my sales colleagues though the new iSalesman website. By way of introduction, I’ve been selling enterprise software to large companies for more than 20 years. I’ve always been a professional salesman, and like to think I’ve learned a few things along the way. To this end, I’ll be a regular contributor moving forward to the iSalesman blog.

All of the successful salespeople I’ve known develop a sales playbook to guide them on their mission. These playbooks rarely contain amazing new secrets to sales success, but rather proven techniques that can be used time and time again to drive results. When you achieve proficiency with these techniques and apply them to your deals, success becomes more predictable and can scale up as far and fast as you’re able to push it.

Recently, I published a book on Amazon called The 40 Best Sales Techniques Ever: Conquer the Leaderboard, Crash President’s Club, and Make More Money. It’s a collection of the very best sales techniques that I’ve learned over my career, and each technique is 100% actionable and ready to use today to improve your sales results. I didn’t want to write another treatise on boring sales theory, but a hands-on, practical guide to running the complex sale that salespeople can start using immediately.

In many ways, my approach is very similar to the iSalesman philosophy. The fact is that sales professionals can’t count on schools and universities to prepare us for our career, and instead must rely on books, mentors, and sales training. iSalesman University has been designed to help salespeople perfect their craft, and my book is designed to accomplish the same mission. When used together, I have no doubt that you’ll be better equipped to meet the challenges of your job and write your ticket to a successful career.

Each of “The 40 Best” (as I refer to the techniques in my book), will be covered in its own blog post. Once you’ve read the post and absorbed the technique, look for opportunities to apply it in your daily routine. In this way, you’ll begin to expand your sales playbook with new formulas for success.

We sales professionals need to share and encourage each other, because our system of higher education isn’t doing much of anything to help us. I have no doubt that you’ll take the ideas behind each of The 40 Best and extend it to make it your own. I’d very much like to hear how these techniques are working for you, so drop me a note at and share your story.

Good luck and good selling!


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