Use Owler: Win Business

My company, provides a very unique Lead to Sales Service. We deploy sophisticated technologies to derive sales leads for our clients and our legion of B2B Sales Agents. As we see advancements in technologies related to identifying and communicating with new Prospects for our client’s, we are amazed by these technologies’ impact on increasing sales performance. Whereas it’s always interesting to focus on the science of selling, we know you still need to keep a lens on the art of selling and the hard work and perseverance it takes to close a sale.

A while back my friend Jim Fowler announced he was starting Owler. Other than rhyming with his name, I wanted to know why and what Owler does. I knew Jim from his Jigsaw days and my sales team helped close some large deals for them. So I was polite and said “Sure, Jim, I’ll sign up for Owler.” One year later I’m glad I did. Owler has already helped us close some sales. And from what Jim told me, I’m not alone. Owler has built a thriving community of business professionals.

Our first positive experience with Owler was with their Instant Insights. Only one hour after an event, Owler automatically delivered an Instant Insight to my email informing me that one of my client’s Prospects was acquiring a company that my client was already doing business with. My assigned Sales Agent was able to quickly get a hold of the client and let her know. Eventually, we were able to close additional business by adding the acquiring company’s demand to the existing contract (with the acquired company).

Since I’ve been using Owler, the service keeps getting better and better As a part of our sales process I have our Sales Agents read Owler’s three email products. Once they’ve followed our Clients and Prospects on, they begin to receive daily updates on all types of news and events right in their inbox. Owler even uses what it calls the Competitive Graph to send us updates on companies (new Prospects) we may have never heard of, but are competitive to our Clients and Prospects.

My advice to all sales and marketing individuals would be to sign up for Owler. They’ve grown tremendously in the last year, and their email products make it easy to stay up to date on current events without having to spend any time researching. Similar to how LinkedIn evolved, I believe that Owler will explode with great benefits for commerce as they continue to grow their community and innovate in a space that is ripe for disruption.

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