Closing That Sale Using Your Financial Expertise—Part Three

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Thank you for following this three part series on Pencil Selling and ROI Selling.  To show our appreciation for your interest I would like to make you a great offer.  For the next 30 Days iSalesman will make available to you both The Financial Selling On-Line Training Course and the iSalesman ROI Calculator under a Special Offer.  All you have to do is pay a $10 Fee via PayPal for the Financial Selling Course and provide your contact information!  If this helps you close a $50K deal what’s the ROI? (Answer: 900%, Benefit-Cost/Cost)

The biggest barrier to engaging in an ROI discussion with a client is your confidence level.  Most salespeople have an aversion to being embarrassed with lack of knowledge, so avoid this ROI discussion with their client.  The sad part of this is that 90% of clients, when surveyed, expect their sales person to help them develop the ROI.  Why is this?  Well once you hand off your proposal to your client and they like it, they now have to go behind the scenes and get budget approval.  Most of your clients have to fill out their company’s Financial Analysis.  Then they have to compete for budget dollars as this is precious and only awarded to the project with the best ROI.  Knowing this, don’t you want to make sure that your project wins?  If you want to win and make money you do.

You don’t have to demonstrate the proficiency of an Investment Banker to your client.  By merely saying ‘I’m not a Financial Expert but I have a tool called an ROI Calculator that will help us jointly determine if my project is Financially attractive” is enough to get your client enrolled.  Show your client the ROI Calculator and jointly start working on developing the financial benefits of your Proposal.  Does your Proposal increase sales?  Does it increase worker productivity? Does it reduce expenses?  Quantify these numbers with your client and come to agreement on them.  Enter these numbers into the ROI Calculator as well as the cost of your solution.  Voila!  The iSalesman ROI Calculator then automatically calculates the ROI, the Breakeven Month, the Cash Flow, the Net Present Value and the Internal Rate of Return.  These are the numbers your client’s financial folks are interested in.

The more you do this, the more sales you’ll make and the more confident you’ll become!

Good luck and if you have any questions please contact me directly at

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