“Let Me Show you the ROI”

As a follow up on to my Blog last week,  What? I can’t take you to lunch? I promised to provide you with iSalesman’s answer to the question regarding “what selling skill do you need to develop now that your client’s Code-of Conduct Policies inhibit the types of Relationship Building events you can invite a client to (or what they can accept)”.

This selling skill has been around for ages.  Ever since you went to sales training you heard and learned how to cost justify your product to your client. But how many times did you really use it?  Like learning High School French if you don’t use it, you lose it.

I’m Scared!  Can’t I just stay in my Comfort Zone?

When we meet with sales teams to talk about Financial Selling or ROI Selling, most sales people admit they avoid this subject with their client.  When asked why, they admit they simply do not feel comfortable talking about Return on Investment, Cash Flow, Break-even, Internal Rate of Return, Hurdle Rate, etc.. Did you know that in a recent survey, more than 90% of clients expect their sales people to be able to understand and articulate the ROI of their product?  But how many sales people really do this well?  To me it’s like having a game plan for a football game that gets you to the goal line and then hope you get the ball into the end zone!

So think about this.  You’re limited by what you can do to develop a good relationship with your client.  Lunch, Dinners, Shows, Events, Golf, etc., are barely tolerated or allowed.  You need to establish a relationship with your client and it’s not about lowering your price.  Wouldn’t it be a good idea to re-sharpen your Financial Selling Skills?  Your clients are not expecting you to be an Investment Banker.  They want you to help them develop the financial justification for YOUR PROPOSAL.

This is what my client expects of me

Wouldn’t it be great then to be able to learn how to articulate the ROI of your proposal to your client in an easy to understand way?  In the comfort of your home or office?  , and at your own pace?

Wouldn’t it also be great if you had an ROI Calculator that you can use to jointly develop the Financial Benefits of your proposal?  Imagine sitting on the same side of the desk with your client identifying the financial benefits of your proposal together!  Imagine entering these numbers into this ROI Calculator and have it produce all the key financials for you along with professional bar charts and graphs.

iSalesman is here to help you

Of course you figured out by now that iSalesman has done all of this for you.  We developed a fun (well, as fun as numbers can be), easy to use On-Line Training Course.  In it, we teach the definitions and meaning of key financial terms and what they mean to your client.  We then show you the Holy Grail, the iSalesman ROI Calculator.  This is the tool you’ll use to jointly work on the business plan with your client.  Your client WILL use the iSalesman ROI Calculator Output in their internal Budget Request Document.

iSalesman is offering this On-Line Sales Training Course for only $10/student for the next 60 days to help you close sales 4th Quarter.  This course, which includes the iSalesman ROI Calculator, is regularly $149.

The ROI on our course is the highest available!

Here’s how to order the Financial Selling Course and the iSalesman ROI Calculator:

1)       Become an iSalesman Member – it’s free! (here)

2)      Click here, pay $10 for the course and off you go!

3)      If you have any questions or want a Financial Selling Course designed for your company contact me directly at carlwideberg@isalesman.com

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