What? I can’t take you to lunch?

Back in December 2011 I wrote a Blog titled “Ethical Selling = Effective Selling”. While
working with an Ethics & Compliance company I learned of all the many rules and regulations impacting
the sales profession. In this blog, as well as in my e-Book “Ethical Selling”, I identify all the laws and regulations that are important for a sales person to learn about and understand.

In my role as Head of iSalesman I get to speak with sales people every day. As a part of our sales
consulting activity I usually ask the salesperson how they are developing their other selling techniques
in order to compensate for their client’s Code of Conduct restrictions. This question then causes the
sales person to get a little agitated. Most can’t believe that there are now all these new restrictions on
how the client can engage with them. Many Code of Conducts outline specifically how much a client
can accept from a vendor without it being considered a small gift. The usual amount I see now is $25! Other than a baloney sandwich and bottled water this really isn’t worthwhile for Relationship Building. Most client websites display their Code of Conducts for all to read.

Back in the day, Relationship Selling was probably the most effective way of selling in the B2B space.
For small business selling the relationship was transactional. For larger account selling the intent was to develop long term relationships with clients. We knew that clients liked to buy, and buy again from people they know and trust. Sure you had to sell on the benefits of your product and pricing but all things being equal the relationship mattered!

So now that your Relationship Building hands are tied what other sales techniques can you now deploy in order to win that sale? What selling skill should you develop that your client expects you to excel at?

Well stay tuned to the iSalesman Blog. Next week I will tell you what your client wants. In the meantime read the Ethical Selling e-Book…it’s free and easy to read.

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