Get the Inside Scoop on Your Prospects

How can you quickly establishing a relationship with new prospects — especially when there's no time for chitchat these days?

Truthfully, it's tough. With so much business being conducted via phone & email today, you don't get a chance to visit their offices to see their photos, trophies or knickknacks.

Don't you wish you knew more? That's exactly what Dan Waldschmidt thought. He wanted to know what the people he was talking to really cared about. After all, at its core, selling is about relationships. So he did something about it.

The result? IntroMojo, a new sales tool that just launched this week.

If your prospect is active online, IntroMojo gives you the inside scoop on what matters to them — in a nanosecond. It goes out into cyberspace and pulls together everything it can find about your prospects that they've entered about themselves on any site online.

Then it creates a profile on them. In short, very cool. You have to give it a try. Here's the dossier they've compiled on me: Download JillKonrath-intromojo. To learn more, check out this 78-second video.

Sounds interesting, right? Now you won't find everyone listed on InfoMojo — just people who are active online. But it's fascinating what you'll find out about those who are.

Go there right now — and run a profile on yourself. Check out a few of your prospects too. Then think about how you can leverage this information to create those quick connections.

And, in the spirit of full disclosure, the link above is an affilliate link. But please know that I only recommend something I stand behind entirely.

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