My Recipe for Successful Influence

Question: What is the number one need for success in business today?

Answer: To persuade others of your value and the value of your ideas.

So What Is Influencing?

Influencing is getting your own way, especially unobtrusively.

Most managers do it, most of the time.

• You can influence others simply be being you (notice how easily children are influenced by the behavior of those around them)
• You can influence covertly, behind the scenes
• You can use more open strategies and tactics

Great influencers manage to get other people to go along with their ideas while maintaining the relationship. If people feel manipulated, relationships will be damaged. It is important to understand the different strategies available to you and to plan your approach.

Here then is my recipe for successful influence:


• Trust

• Openness

• Comfort

• Acceptance

• Empathy

• Flexibility

• Something in common

• Shared understanding


Mix together as required. Notice changes and be prepared to maintain a flexible approach throughout. Keep communication flowing on all levels.

In Summary: Use the Recipe Often

Increasingly, today’s managers are measured by their ability to influence others in the workplace. Being able to get people to do what you want has a direct effect on:

• The well-being of your staff
• The prosperity of your company
• And ultimately, your own destiny

You are probably already successful at influencing others – some of the time.

How can you become consistently successful? If you can identify your strengths and weaknesses and make a few changes, nothing can hold you back.

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