Return On Effort (ROE)

Sales managers often wonder why team activity levels are so low. “It didn’t used to be that way,” they think to themselves, and then it gets worse. It transforms into an attendance problem. Sales mangers become babysitters, “Where are you? Why aren’t you here? Every minute you are late is costing you deals!”

Disciplinary action taken on attendance issues doesn’t solve the core issues… engagement, buy-in, productivity, etc. Just because they are physically there doesn’t mean they are mentally there.

It’s about Return On Effort (ROE). If your sales reps feel like their ROE is low, then guess what? You’ll have an activity problem… you’ll have an attendance problem… and you’ll end up with a turnover problem.

Don’t be a task master… Be a sales mentor! Task masters walk around pushing activities. Sales mentors teach strategies and techniques that produce immediate results!

If a sales person is failing, the answer does not come from pushing them to do more of the same activities that aren’t working!

Higher activity levels produce greater results when you are engaged in the right activities. Then it becomes a question of sustainability… and that sustainability is directly related to ROE.

Long-term success comes through an ability to pinpoint sales behaviors that need tweaking. Check out this Art Sobczak’s video on Smart Calling (amazon affiliate link)…


When you develop your people and teach them techniques that significantly increase ROE, you don’t have to worry about activity and attendance. Successful sales people work harder, arrive early, and stay late. Nothing solves problems faster… than winning!

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