How To Get Referrals From Existing Customers

Step 1: Make a courtesy call to existing customers to check in and see if they are satisfied with the purchase.

Step 2: Ask your customer if they are satisfied enough with your product, or service to the point that they would recommend it to others.

Step 3: If your customer is willing to recommend you, then place your customer in your business by asking them who, or what company they would call first to discuss the purchase of your product.

Step 4: When your customer thinks of a name of someone, or a company, gently ask your prospect why they chose the person, or the company they mentioned. (Get some background to help structure the follow up call you are going to make).

Step 5: Gently ask your customer to make a phone call to the referral in advance of your call to explain why you’ll be calling them.

Step 6: Make a phone call to the referral, and start the conversation off by letting the person know who referred you, and ask if they got a call from your customer prior to your call.

Step 6 – Part A:
Assuming that your customer called in advance, proceed with your call, and ask about what your customer said on the phone when they called. (Asking about what your customer said will give you a great starting point for conversation, and should be enough to carry the rest of the sales call for you).

Step 6 – Part B:
If your customer didn’t call ahead of time don’t panic! Just proceed by telling the referral the story about how your customer became your customer, and why they thought it made sense for you to call. (This again gets the conversation started. Just make sure to keep the conversation focused on the problem(s) you solve, and not so much on making a ‘sales pitch’).
Sales Tip: Find a problem – Close a sale.

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