Showcase Profile

Like athletes, sales professionals live and die by their sales numbers and performers always prevail. The Showcase Profile is unique to iSalesman and is only available with your subscription to Talent Exchange. Within your Showcase Profile, you will be able to build out all the performance metrics associated with your current and past sales positions.

From the type of sales professional that you are, the product or service that you sell, the quota that you carry, your performance to plan and the leverage of your compensation, plus much more will all be detailed by you in your Showcase Profile. In addition, you will have your own short video introduction that you can share with selected sales leaders who will be searching for a top performer just like you. This is your chance to sell yourself directly, without recruiters or screens, to sales leaders looking to hire. Never allow someone else to sell for you. You have the numbers and your Showcase Profile is where you want them to be seen.

Join Talent Exchange for only $5/month ($2.50/month if you already are a iSalesman Perks member) and start building your Showcase Profile today!