Principles of Consultative Dialogue


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Approximate time to complete: 25 minutes (not including short course assessment)

Intended audience: All

Sales Process Skill Set: Execute

Category: Foundation


Principles of Consultative Dialogue is a course intended to help the sales team familiarize with the basic principles of conducting effective, consultative conversations. The foundation of this approach enables them to plan before a meeting and then diagnose a customer situation before prematurely recommending a solution.

Course objectives:

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Apply three foundational principles of consultative dialogue
  • Define and describe the use of three different types of questions in consultative dialogue
  • Describe two specific areas to explore with a buyer using structured questions
  • Use a questioning framework to plan and conduct consultative dialogues with a buyer

Recommended prerequisite courses:

  • Principles of Sales Execution

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