Virtual Sales Force

VSF_site_logo1Virtual Sales Force does the hard work of prospecting for your sales team.

Our agents set and confirm qualified meetings with genuinely interested prospects. Your sales team will pick up where the Virtual  Sales Force business agent left off. Your sales people will be able to build trust and rapport, ultimately selling your products or services to these new business contacts.

Five-Step Pre-Qualification Process:

Our business development agents find the best number to call using LinkedIn, makes up to 5 attempts, update your database, schedules meetings at times that are convenient for all parties, and make sure they stick. The meeting appears in your sales team’s calendar and in the calendar of the prospect. Our agents will “warm-up” the prospect so your sales people are in the perfect position to move the sale forward.  Script development and social media tools are also used to create a comprehensive approach.

Pricing starts at $37.50 per hour (minimum 40 hours)

iSalesman Preferred Discount

$2.50 per hour on all campaigns over 100 hours

$2 per hour on all campaigns 50-100 hours

$1 per hour on all campaign under 50 hours

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