About Owler

owlerlogo_highresolution-1What is Owler?

Owler is the crowdsourced competitive intelligence platform that over 800,000 business professionals use to outsmart their competition, gain competitive insights, and uncover the latest industry news and alerts.

Sales Professionals make up 30% of Owler’s community and use the platform daily to stay up to date on their prospects, customers, and partners. Owler helps Sales reps close more deals by giving them the information they need when they need it.

How Much Does it Cost?

Owler is available at everyone’s favorite price, free. Yes, really. There are two reasons for this:  one, Owler want every business professional in the world using its platform (and it’s happening!) and two, that’s how Owler get its information, it’s crowdsourced from members of the Owler community.

Product Overview (and Why it Matters for Sales Professionals)

Sales Professionals use Owler to know more about their prospects so they can close more deals. They do this by leveraging Owler’s four products:

  • Daily Snapshot: The Daily Snapshot is every Sales Professionals daily digest on the companies they care about. Want trigger events? The Daily Snapshot brings trigger events to your inbox every morning at 6:00am and only surfaces the most important news articles, press releases and blog posts.
  • Weekly Showdown: The Weekly Showdown is Owler’s competitive intelligence report. Sales Professionals use this weekly report to stay up to speed on their competitors and make sure they’re not getting outsold in the market. If they are, Owler’s Weekly Showdown will help you understand why.
  • Instant Insights: Owler’s Instant Insight brings critical announcements directly to your inbox as soon as they happen. Want to know if your prospect just raised a new round of financing, got acquired, or hired a new CEO? Instant Insights have you covered.
  • Owler Dashboard: Owler’s web platform provides unique real-time insights you won’t find anywhere else, including over 15 Million searchable company profiles, and unique pieces of business information including estimates on private companies’ revenue, headcount, and likely outcome. Learn more.

How Do I Get Started

Sign up for Owler on www.owler.com using your business email address, and you’ll automatically start seeing news about your company and competitors. Take a few moments to then follow your prospects, customers, and partners to stay up-to-date on everything related to your the companies you care about. That’s all that’s needed to start seeing the power that Owler delivers.

How to Follow Companies Quickly:

Video tutorial: http://g.recordit.co/QtHTg7cMrn.gif


Stay Up-to-Date About the Companies You Care About

As all Sales Professionals know, building personal relationships with prospects and customers is essential. To do this, you need to do your research. Owler has you covered:

  • Company Research on Owler: Before you pick up the phone, book a meeting, or send outreach, you should research that company on Owler. You’ll quickly discover that companies competitors, the industry in which they operate, and how that company measures up against their competitive set. You’ll also be able to quickly see their estimated revenue, company size, location, and latest news & alerts.
  • Stay up-to date on your Competitive Graph: Follow all your prospects, customers, and partners to surface trigger events such as breaking news, press releases, acquisitions, and leadership changes.  
  • Keep organized in Dashboard: Organize your companies in Owler’s Dashboard, which provides a homepage view of up-to-the-minute news and blog posts related to your prospects, customers, and partners. 

How to quickly add companies to your #Prospect channel on the Dashboard

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How does Owler’s community contribute information?

Most business professional have knowledge and insight into a handful of companies they are familiar with. Owler makes it easy for its members to contribute information by serving up Data Cards that ask questions about companies its users are familiar with. Owler makes contributing information fun and easy.

Members of the Owler community contribute unique competitive insights, such as private company revenue estimates and CEO ratings for companies they follow. This feet on the street knowledge helps other Owler members get answers to questions such as, what is Dropbox’s estimated revenue, or how many people work for Uber. That’s the power of Owler!

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