About Leadspace

Leadspace Logo_300x55Leadspace is the leader, in iSalesman’s opinion, in finding you, the salesperson, prospects that look like your best existing clients.  Leadspace takes a very scientific and accurate approach to find your hottest prospects.  First, they analyze your company’s CRM and develop a “best buyer” profile.  Leadspace then takes this “best buyer” profile and uses it to search social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and the Internet (press releases, published conference attendees, blogs, etc.) to find the these buyers of your products.  Job Titles are not enough.  You need to know a lot more about these prospects so you can be prepared for your call on them.

Leadspace also offers a very valuable Lead Scoring service.  They analyze your leads from all sources: your website, tradeshows, email marketing, etc.  Leadspace then scores them so you know which salesperson to give the higher scored lead to (your closers?).

Leadspace is not a company you would contact for a small lead or contact list.  Rather they should be considered for lead generation and lead scoring for your entire enterprise.

Take a look at Leadspace (www.leadspace.com).  If you like what you see then press here {} and fill out this brief form and we’ll get you in touch with the right Leadspace person.

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