Leader’s Podium

As a sales leader, you know how difficult it is to find your next sales hire, one that will be a net- positive contributor to your team. By joining Talent Exchange, we give you searchable access to the performance statistics presented in each member’s Showcase Profile. Imagine searching by rep type, industry, product or service sold, percent to plan, total earnings, etc. Yes, as a sales leader in Talent Exchange you get to that plus much more.

From your Leader’s Podium you can share your record as a coach and leader in your current position as well as in the past. You can share your thoughts on success, your philosophy on winning, and your overall leadership approach with your followers. Podium allows you to communicate directly with those that are interested in working for you long before you have an opportunity to hire them. Imagine influencing and potentially mentoring fellow sales professionals while creating your “on deck circle” in support of your next hire. Yeah, that is what we allow you to do. Not only that, your membership as a sales leader in Talent Exchange also allows you to post your job openings at no additional cost. Why? Because iSalesman is dedicated to the development, advancement, and promotion of the sales professional. By us helping you, you help us.

Join Talent Exchange today and start to develop your following via your Leader’s Podium for only $100/month. Lead from your Podium, build your following and build your team. Your next hire awaits!