Lead to Sales

Our Step-by-Step Process

iSalesman has developed a very unique method of increasing sales in a very cost effective way. We do this by combining both inbound and outbound marketing expertise with Appointment Making, Call Connection, Inside Sales and Field Sales Agents.

This is a step-by-step marketing and selling process that delivers great sales results. Here’s how:

Step 1

Using Inbound Marketing techniques we manage your website and turn it from a “Storefront on the Internet” into a true Sales Lead producing machine. Your website will be constantly worked on and updated to take advantage of what your buyers are talking about and what they’re searching for to buy.

Step 2

Using Outbound Marketing techniques we reach out and contact targeted prospects for you. We analyze your customer file and develop a “Best Customer” profile. This profile is then used to search for prospects that look like your best customers.

Step 3

The resulting Sales Leads from these inbound and outbound marketing programs are then distributed to your choice of: your salesforce, an appointment making group, a customized call connection service, an inside sales group and a field based group of iSalesman Certified Sales Agents.

Step 4

The sale is made! You the client take it from there.