Customer Acquisition

How We Convert Leads Into Sales

Once a sales lead is developed, you the client, have a choice of what to do with that lead. We will work with you on developing the best methodology for converting that lead into a sale.

We can:

1. Assign the sales lead to our Appointment Making Inside Sales Team.

These are sales professionals that will call the sales lead contact, discuss the benefits of your product and make an appointment for you with the prospect key decision maker. Our Appointment Makers confirm that the contact is the decision maker and has BUDGET $$. If it is determined that the sales lead contact is not the decision maker then our Appointment Makers ask to be directed to the true decision maker. They are very determined!

2. Assign the sales lead to our Connect and Sell team.

Sophisticated cloud based software is deployed which allows this team of professionals to call your sales lead contacts. When one of these contacts answers the phone the call is then transferred instantly to your designated sales person (i.e. you, inside sales rep, iSalesman Sales Agent, etc.). No more time is wasted doing cold calls!

3. Assign the sales lead to an Inside Sales Agent to close the sale.

4. Assign the sales lead to an iSalesman Certified Sales Agent.

These Sales Agents perform the full sales role and are chosen from 100’s of candidates for these key sales assignments. iSalesman selects only the best. We vet their backgrounds and capabilities and then make sure they are trained in Ethical Selling and our Financial Selling Course (aka ROI Selling). In today’s business world it is critical that sales professionals be able to articulate the financial advantages of your product to the client. Sadly, the days of taking a client to golf and dinner are ending!