About Talent Exchange

Where Sales Performance is Showcased and Rewarded!

Rule #1: Never let someone else sell for you.

Talent Exchange is a “Match.com” between sales leaders in search of high performing sales professionals and high performing sales professionals seeking their next career opportunity.  It matches sales performers with career opportunities in a direct S2S (sales to sales) environment.

Like a professional athlete, our sales performance defines who we are and no one has more respect for it than sales leaders.  Talent Exchange is where you can build out your Showcase Profile, documenting your current and past performance in detail along with a personal video and have that profile be searchable by hiring sales leaders.   Talent Exchange eliminates the recruiter from the hiring equation and provides direct access between leaders and talent to the benefit of both.

Sales leaders can build a social following via their Podium where their coaching, selling, and success philosophies can be shared with performers.  Performers can search for and follow sales leaders that they would like to work for.  Talent Exchange provides an “on deck circle” for potential next hires while allowing sales leaders to search our database for ideal candidates based on type of rep, sales style, industry, type of product, size of quota, percent to quota, earnings, etc.  Let Talent Exchange be the venue where your Showcase Profile can be found by the decision makers in the sales hiring process.

What does it cost?  As a performer, subscription to Talent Exchange is only $5/month ($100/month if you are a sales leader).   If your sales performance is not to the point where you want to create a Showcase Profile, join iSalesman Perks.  With Perks you can get discounts on products and services from our partners, including courses from iSalesman University, that can enhance your sales performance.

Already a Perks member, then joining Talent Exchange is only $2.50/month more!  That’s right.  For just $7.50month you can be a member of both iSalesman Perks and Talent Exchange.

Are you ready for your next opportunity?  Join iSalesman Talent Exchange today!