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The iSalesman Perk Partners for Sales Professionals is intended to provide our Members with access to sales related tools.  On your behalf we have negotiated Member discounts.  As our Membership grows so will the level of discounts and the number of Perk Partners.  If you know of a Partner we should pursue please contact us at, and tell us why.

Lead to Sales Partners

Smart companies and smart sales people need to have access to fresh information and discovery methodologies to find leads.  Leads come from inside your present customer base as well as from new logos.  To be successful in sales your employer must supply these to you and you have to find your own.  With today’s limited budgets I would rely more on my own ability to find and develop these leads.

For this we recommend you using our Perk Partners as a lead source.

This is how our Perk Partners can help you find leads:

  1. Enroll in Owler. It’s free with your iSalesman Membership.  When you fill out your Owler Profile include your clients, prospects, their competitors, your competitors and any other company you have the need to follow.  Every morning Owler will deliver to you your “Morning Update”.  Everyday you will receive fresh news that creates opportunities for you to make sales.  For example, you might see that one of your clients intends to acquire another company.  Be a proactive salesperson and find out as much as you can about that company!
  2. You do so now by going to Avention. They have the most comprehensive Company Information out there.  Avention compiles this information from over 30 different sources.
  3. Now find out WHO in that targeted acquisition company buys your products. Now you can dig deeper into Avention or go to, NetProspex, Pipl, eGrabber, Leadspace and others to find the contact(s) you need to get to.
  4. Now that you have your list of contacts what are you going to do with them? If it’s a short list then we recommend the “email sandwich”.  Email them, call then, email them, call them….wash, rinse, repeat.  If it’s a larger list then…..
  5. Contact iSalesman. We can help you develop your contact list and create an email lead generation program with you.  Our fees for iSalesman Members are simple, $.30/Contact, $.30/Email and $.50/ Email with our provided Contact.  We will provide you with the following report: How many emails were delivered, how many were opened, how many email recipients clicked on a link provided in the email.  We will tell you who as well.  This allows you to take action immediately like calling them as soon as they’ve opened your email.
  6. Don’t want to or like to do Cold Calling? Then hire iSalesman Perk Partner Virtual Sales Force.  They’ll take your list, or provide you with one and make appointments for you.


What Is Owler?

Owler is the crowdsourced competitive intelligence platform that over 800,000 business professionals use to outsmart their competition, gain competitive insights, and uncover the latest industry news and alerts.

Sales Professionals make up 30% of Owler’s community and use the platform daily to stay up to date on their prospects, customers, and partners. Owler helps Sales reps close more deals by giving them the information they need when they need it.

Smarter business insights to make every opportunity count
Only Avention OneSource Solutions provide the insights you need to gain a comprehensive understanding of your prospects and customers so you can make informed decisions, stay ahead of the competition, and close more deals. The OneSource Platform is a Saas solution delivering data from over 100 sources, providing insights and analytics for over 50 Million Companies and 70 Million Contacts. This allows you to become more efficient and effective in sales, marketing and research work by providing timely – and superior – analysis and understanding of companies and contacts globally including news triggers, financials, and potential buying or risk signals.

Leadspace is the leader, in iSalesman’s opinion, in finding you, the salesperson, prospects that look like your best existing clients. Leadspace takes a very scientific and accurate approach to find your hottest prospects. First, they analyze your company’s CRM and develop a “best buyer” profile. Leadspace then takes this “best buyer” profile and uses it to search social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and the Internet (press releases, published conference attendees, blogs, etc.) to find the these buyers of your products. Job Titles are not enough. You need to know a lot more about these prospects so you can be prepared for your call on them.

eGrabber is a company that is good for lead generation campaigns for companies or sales groups with budget challenges. What eGrabber does is search through LinkedIn ( to find Prospects that match your criteria search. As LinkedIn Profiles don’t usually provide corporate email addresses and phone numbers, eGrabber takes the results of your search and then goes and appends these missing email addresses and phone numbers.

Despite all the science and technology currently available you will always have missing information in your Prospect Contacts. It could be the phone number, the title, the email address etc. This is not an exact science and the data decay rate for contacts is quick (if we could only get people to stop getting hired, fired, promoted, move, etc., then we could have 100% accuracy).
This is where PIPL comes in handy. PIPL helps you find missing information from your Contacts-such as that work email, job title, phone number, social profiles and much more. You can easily lookup a person’s contact, social, demographic, and professional information in bulk, or one-by-one with PIPL’s API, search engine or file upload service.

Virtual Sales Force does the hard work of prospecting for your sales team.
Our agents set and confirm qualified meetings with genuinely interested prospects. Your sales team will pick up where the Virtual Sales Force business agent left off. Your sales people will be able to build trust and rapport, ultimately selling your products or services to these new business contacts.

Presentation Support

MARS5 Marketing is a service oriented web marketing company dedicated to educating individuals and companies wishing to market their products and services online who have limited experience with the internet. With over 25 years marketing and technical experience on the internet, MARS5 provides a competent path to cut through the hype and find the education opportunities and tools that will propel you to the level of expertise that you’re looking for. Visit MARS5 at is a video branding company presented by MARS5 Marketing. Using video on the internet is one of the most effective ways to communicate with prospective clients and customers. The problem is that with so many people looking for customers on the internet, it’s hard to find a way to be original and rise above the noise, even with video. PlaneImage provides video branding in a unique way that shows you and your company to be more than just another fish in the sea of companies looking for customers. With PlaneImage video branding, you’ll be perceived as the professional that you are right from the start giving you the edge over your competition that you need. Watch the video below and visit them at Use coupon code isalesman72 at checkout to receive 40% off on your order.

Communication Support

To succeed in sales, you don’t need another rah-rah self-help book or boring sales theories. You need the secrets of a sales professional who’s spent more than 20 years in the trenches and on the front lines of sales.

The 40 Best Sales Techniques Ever is filled with the high-powered skills, secrets, and tips that top earners use to beat their quota and make more money. These techniques are field-tested and proven to work.

Author Jonathan Jewett developed these 40 techniques over a career selling enterprise software to the Fortune 500. Each technique is 100% actionable and ready to be used immediately to improve your sales results.

Whether you’re a salesperson or a sales leader responsible for results, The 40 Best is your ticket to a more robust pipeline, greater revenue, higher close rates, bigger commissions, and career success.